Important Announcement regarding NEWA LIFT Activator Gel


NEWA have advised us to issue instructions to anyone with a NEWA LIFT Activator Gel and / or the NEWA LIFT Activator Gel for Delicate Skin to stop using them.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.

EndyMed Ltd who own NEWA have informed us that an undesired substance, above the permitted level, has been identified in the NEWA Activator Gels. To be clear the problem relates to the Activator Gels and not to the NEWA Device.

The NEWA team are working very hard to find an alternative gel that meets the high quality NEWA requirements so we can allow you to restart your use of the NEWA machine and an alternative gel.

Please watch our website and Facebook page for updates.
NEWA have provided a link to a web page where you can provide contact details so NEWA can contact you in the near future provide you with an alternative gel so you can resume use of your NEWA Device as soon as possible.

Please phone the Clinic if you need any more information


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