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Sat 03Body Massage

Body massage is a soothing and relaxing experience, aiming to reduce muscular pain, relieve stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system, and encouraging a feeling of well-being by releasing endorphins. Using hands and forearms with the Swedish massage technique, your massage will be completely tailored to your needs, whether you need total relaxation, or

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Sat 03Hot Stones Massage

Hot stones massage uses warmed Basalt stones to soothe tension in the back, neck, shoulders and legs, and is perfect for people with poor circulation, sore muscles, or those who prefer a more relaxing massage. Warmed stones with places on areas of tension, and smaller stones are used to massage with, allowing the heat to get

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Sat 03Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is great for those who like a firmer massage pressure, especially on the back, shoulders and legs. A bamboo cane is used in place of the therapists hands, kneading the muscles to ease knots and reduce tension. Perfect for people with tight, sore muscles and for those who exercise regularly.

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Sat 03Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage focuses on the head, face, upper back, shoulders, and upper arms, which are all areas prone to aches and pains. Indian Head Massage helps to release stress and reduce tension in the neck and shoulders and can help to alleviate headaches and eye-strain. Perfect for those who spend long periods of time

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Sat 03Katherine Daniels Heated Back Treatment

A heated back treatment which begins with an exfoliation, followed by a soothing massage to the back neck and shoulders. After this, a self-heating mud mask is applied helping to reduce aches and pains further. A wonderful treat for anyone who wants total relaxation!

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Wed 10Reflexology

The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, a manual therapy focusing on the feet, has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity as a modern holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress. Reflexologists believe that different areas on your feet and hands correspond to other parts of your body, and massaging them stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself.

If you have been injured or are lacking energy, reflexology can help to restore balance. It can boost a sluggish circulation and is useful for treating stress, anxiety, back pain, migraine, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), respiratory problems, asthma, headache, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms and period pain.

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